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Monday – Cats on the mind

Here are some of my favorite funny/cute cat photos from my cats!  Mondays are the worst!, I hope this will make your Monday just a bit better!

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Lavender Sleep Heart

Let me start by saying..I’m just learning how to sew! 

I am obsessed with lavender! I thought this would be perfect way to use it up and have my bed smelling relaxing before bed! After making my bed in the morning I place this on the pillow I sleep on! 


Lavender, thread, fabric 

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Dollar Store Craft

Had some left over animal toys from my animal magnet craft. Saw this craft all over printrest and tried it out! 

Perfect for storing my lavender! 


Toy animal, hot glue, Mason jar, paint brushes, paint 

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More About Me..and The Kitties

Looking for hair ponies…again

It has almost been a month now since I’ve started blogging, I’ve never been a good writer but learning and experiencing new things is what I do.


The name for my blog came easy! before blogging I always had this “dream” to make cat scratching posts.  I have two cats of my own that love to relax on their cat scratchers but the store would sell them for over $100.00 so my goal was to sell them for a lot less to people in my community. I wanted them to have the purfect post…thought of other names at first like “Scratch me” but sounds like porn right?…so below is a photo of my first purfect post! My sister wanted me to build one but was tired of waiting and built her own using wooden boxes! This was one of the things that motivated me to start crafting and up-cycling recycled items.  The items you craft are made with love and they can tell!

I also started making my own cat nip squares using my sewing machine and now only one of the toys they will play with.


This is my girl Gia.  Her name was inspired by the movie. and NO she is not as innocent as she looks..








Nala is my sweetheart.  I guess you could say I was given her by fate! I had lost my other cat a few months prior to getting her and I had emailed this guy and he told me she was already taken…a few weeks later goes by and I get a call from the woman that took her. She said it wasn’t a fit for her and wanted to give it to someone else, was this a prank or something? the one kitten I couldn’t stop thinking about was mine! I met her in a parking lot and I put her in my hands and she instantly started licking my face. Her personality is always loving. She does this thing though where she will lick you three times then go in for a play bite.


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Recycling Craft Ideas

There is always “junk” lying around the house that no one is using that could be turned into something that people talk about when coming to your house.

I created this wood love sign out of old wood and string. I first measured the string and laid it out.  Once I knew how long I needed it cut it and hot glued the letters as I went on.

This craft cost $2.00 to make!

Thank you for reading about my craft hope you create some love out of junk!