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Cats and Pony Tails 

screenshot_20161025-070246.png I wondered where all my pony tails went. I knew I wasn’t leaving them somewhere or going through 3 a day…was someone robbing me of my pony tails?

It took around 2 months before catching my cat in the act. She even hid them under the speaker in our living room. When she felt like playing with them she would slide something under the speaker to knock one of the ponys out under the speaker.

I wish I had a picture of her face when I moved the speaker and she saw me finding her hiding priceless…

Now that I know where her special spot is she wont put them there anymore, I am wondering if she’s found a new spot that I just cant find yet but now the pony tails are under lock down.




Hello! my name is Brittani my hobbies are to have alot of hobbies!

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