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Patio furniture disaster! 

If anyone reading this post lives in Calgary knows the weather is…unforeseen! Calgary has a few wind storms and a few years ago we just bought a new patio set.  Less than a week later the glass that was the tabletop smashed! A week later my neighbour had the same thing happen.  We fixed the table by putting wood in the frame. There was no way we were going to buy a new table so it was a cheap fix and since we changed it to wood we prefer it over the glass.

The paint we used was outdoor wood paint. In the middle of the table we punched a hole for the umbrella.

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SMORE Bar Wooden Sign – DIY

Summer is coming! and who doesn’t love smores!

My mother in laws birthday is coming up and we are doing a backyard party, I thought making this wooden sign would be a great idea to have on a table by the fire with all the smore supplies! This sign was super simple to create and took minutes!  I’ll be able to use it for the next party as well.

When ever I am crafting with wood signs that has funky writing I use the trace paper and when tracing I use the end of the pen/pencil to indent the wood rather than actually putting ink or pencil on the wood and having to deal with erasing it.

I was organizing my house a few weeks ago and saw I had a paint marker from Home depot that was supposed to be used for the base boards in your house, I actually found it worked better than the $10.00 marker at Michael’s and the one at Home depot is 1/4 of the price.

Wood plank
White paint marker
Stencil or trace paper