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Purfect Post – DIY Scratching Post 

All cats need something to play or use to trim their nails with.  Scratching posts are good for cats nails and your furniture!

I used a bare plank of wood and spare carpet we had left over from our basement Reno. The carpet I cut first measuring so it met perfectly in the middle on the back side.  Pull the carpet tight and use a staple gun.

The post is made from another spare piece of wood and screwed in at the bottom AFTER the carpet is stapled.  I found the rope from Home Depot for $4.00 instead of the expensive rope and found it works just as good.

I already used some of the rope for another post so I did not have much left… as you can see the top was bare so I added paw prints!

These are my cats paw prints by using trace paper on an old painting from her paws.

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