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DIY Catnip

No, this is not what you are thinking….it’s CATNIP! >.< 

I am always looking for ways I can make my crafts cheaper. I started making cat toys with catnip inside. First went through 2 large containers and spent over $20.00. There has to be a inexpensive way! My mom started growing a catnip plant in her yard and tried to get rid of it … well it grew back like a weed so at least we won’t run out. 

First step is to grow your catnip plant. I wouldn’t use any fertilizers just simple water, dirt and sunshine. 

Once the catnip leaves are thumb size, cut them off at the stem into bunches. Tie them together with elastic bands or string works just as good. I used a hanger to then tie the bunches onto so it could be hung outside to dry. You can also leave them in a cold dry area. 

As you can see it grows like a weed! 

Thanks for visiting!! 

Brittani xoxo 



Hello! my name is Brittani my hobbies are to have alot of hobbies!

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