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DIY Wedding Picture hangers

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Cats, cats & …cats

If I could use my cat fabric on every craft project I probably would but then my house would just be cats everywhere. I made this plastic bag holder that fits nicely in the closet and holds the bags!

I had an extra shoe lace laying around that I used for the bottom and for the top I made a loop from heart ribbon for it to hang up.

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Brittani xoxo

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DIY Bridesmaid Box

Hello lovely readers!

This DIY “will you be my maid of honour” box is purrfect to ask your girlfriends to be part of the special day. Receiving handmade gifts are always the best! Did I mention it cost under $30 to make!

Step one: finding the purrfect box! I choose a box that had colours for the wedding and also one she could re-use!

Step two: what does your bridesmaid/maid of honour like! Who could go wrong with tea & some wine! I also added a pink note pad and a scented pen.

Step three: lay everything out before gluing it all together!

Step four: something special! I added a picture of us from in the past and now.

Thank you for reading!!

Brittani xoxo