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Cat Craft – Home Decor

Hello lovely readers! As most of you know i love cats >.< and any home decor project with cats I am totally in! This project costed under 20$, read below to find out how to make yours!

Step one:
Figure out what type of animal you want to use. (Dog, Cat, Horse) i searched on google silhouettes of cats and traced it onto the wood using wax paper.  Pine wood is also good for making marks because its so soft. Determine how many animals you want to draw out.

Step Two:
Use a paint pen to draw in the animals – Black or white looks the best and easier to find hooks in this color.

Step Three:
Find hooks that look like tails and screw in!

Hope you enjoyed this craft! definitely one of my favorite crafts!

Thank you,

Brittani xoxo




Hello! my name is Brittani my hobbies are to have alot of hobbies!

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