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His, Hers & Your Bestfriend – DIY Wood Sign

Hello readers!

If you have a dog or cat this craft is purrfect for you! Hang your coats and your dogs leash on this rustic wood sign. Home decor is so much better when you have a story to tell with it!

Step one:
Pick your wood! Smooth or Rustic both will look good. I decided to paint mine because the wood was in bad shape. A tip before starting is making sure the wood is thick enough for the screws to go in

Step two:
Get painting!! I used paper stencils and traced a paw print using wax paper from my computer. Trace it onto the wood using pencil then using a paint pen fill it in, you might need to do two coats.

Step three:
Complete the sign by adding the front hanging hooks in any style than add a wall hanger onto the back of the wood

Check out my other post for a different style of coat/leash hanger Cat Craft – Home Decor

Thank you for reading!


Brittani xo



Hello! my name is Brittani my hobbies are to have alot of hobbies!

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