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Wooden Guitar Pick DIY

Scroll sawing has become a new love of mine! It has made crafts more fun and has become less expensive! I use scrap wood around my house about 1/4″ thick. The projects are endless..!!

Here is my first scroll saw project.


Purrfect gift for a family member or friend, who doesn’t have a band they like? I also added a hook to the back.

Step one:
Find free patterns and how to’s at this site 

Step two:
Tracing the design. A lot of websites show to use adhesive spray and painter tape but I found using a pen and trace along the pattern lines. If the wood is soft enough it will show up great with less hassle. I even used a knitting needle for one craft to trace.

Step three:
Cut wood using your scroll saw, the edges don’t have to be purrfect, you will be sanding them in the next step.

Step four:
Sand the edges and surface until smooth

Step Five:
Using any color of paint pen fill the lines in.


Thank you for reading!


Brittani xo