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Fun Garden Projects

It’s that time of year again! Time to get out planting some seeds. Every summer I try to find garden sticks for my seeds to organize them but they go missing or get trashed. I decided to make something that lasts and looks cute too šŸ™‚

Step one:
What veggies are you planting! I picked 5 mostly grown veggies – tomatoes, lettuce, strawberry, peppers and a carrot. To find images to use search in google terms “line drawing tomato”. Once you find the one you like print it out and trace it onto the wood

Step two:
Dust off that scroll saw and begin to cut the wood!

Step three:
Paint the veggies using outdoor paint or insure to use a clear lacquer once completed

Step four:
Drill a hole into the bottom of the veggie cut out for the metal stick

Step five:
Glue the metal stick into the hole you just drilled (I cut up an old metal clothes hanger). Hot glue or gorilla glue will work just fine

Step six:
Place them in your garden!

Thank you for reading!! Don’t forget to follow for more up coming summer crafts!

Brittani xoxo