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Fun Garden Projects

It’s that time of year again! Time to get out planting some seeds. Every summer I try to find garden sticks for my seeds to organize them but they go missing or get trashed. I decided to make something that lasts and looks cute too šŸ™‚

Step one:
What veggies are you planting! I picked 5 mostly grown veggies – tomatoes, lettuce, strawberry, peppers and a carrot. To find images to use search in google terms “line drawing tomato”. Once you find the one you like print it out and trace it onto the wood

Step two:
Dust off that scroll saw and begin to cut the wood!

Step three:
Paint the veggies using outdoor paint or insure to use a clear lacquer once completed

Step four:
Drill a hole into the bottom of the veggie cut out for the metal stick

Step five:
Glue the metal stick into the hole you just drilled (I cut up an old metal clothes hanger). Hot glue or gorilla glue will work just fine

Step six:
Place them in your garden!

Thank you for reading!! Don’t forget to follow for more up coming summer crafts!

Brittani xoxo



Hello! my name is Brittani my hobbies are to have alot of hobbies!

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