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His, Hers & Your Bestfriend – DIY Wood Sign

Hello readers!

If you have a dog or cat this craft is purrfect for you! Hang your coats and your dogs leash on this rustic wood sign. Home decor is so much better when you have a story to tell with it!

Step one:
Pick your wood! Smooth or Rustic both will look good. I decided to paint mine because the wood was in bad shape. A tip before starting is making sure the wood is thick enough for the screws to go in

Step two:
Get painting!! I used paper stencils and traced a paw print using wax paper from my computer. Trace it onto the wood using pencil then using a paint pen fill it in, you might need to do two coats.

Step three:
Complete the sign by adding the front hanging hooks in any style than add a wall hanger onto the back of the wood

Check out my other post for a different style of coat/leash hanger Cat Craft – Home Decor

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Cat Craft – Home Decor

Hello lovely readers! As most of you know i love cats >.< and any home decor project with cats I am totally in! This project costed under 20$, read below to find out how to make yours!

Step one:
Figure out what type of animal you want to use. (Dog, Cat, Horse) i searched on google silhouettes of cats and traced it onto the wood using wax paper.  Pine wood is also good for making marks because its so soft. Determine how many animals you want to draw out.

Step Two:
Use a paint pen to draw in the animals – Black or white looks the best and easier to find hooks in this color.

Step Three:
Find hooks that look like tails and screw in!

Hope you enjoyed this craft! definitely one of my favorite crafts!

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Something old, to something new

There are so many items that get tossed out when they can be crafted up to look new again. I had this old wood step stool from junior high that was in our basement closet. Cleaning on the weekend I went to throw it out and realized I would use it in my kitchen. I didn’t want to leave it plain so painting it was the only option! We also have a lot of brown in our house so the blue paint gives some colour even though it’s a small item.

The flowers that are on the top are cut out from paper and then with a sponge brush I used modpodge to seal it. The blue paint is from the dollar store and any colour would work.

What do you think!

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Cats, cats & …cats

If I could use my cat fabric on every craft project I probably would but then my house would just be cats everywhere. I made this plastic bag holder that fits nicely in the closet and holds the bags!

I had an extra shoe lace laying around that I used for the bottom and for the top I made a loop from heart ribbon for it to hang up.

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DIY Bridesmaid Box

Hello lovely readers!

This DIY “will you be my maid of honour” box is purrfect to ask your girlfriends to be part of the special day. Receiving handmade gifts are always the best! Did I mention it cost under $30 to make!

Step one: finding the purrfect box! I choose a box that had colours for the wedding and also one she could re-use!

Step two: what does your bridesmaid/maid of honour like! Who could go wrong with tea & some wine! I also added a pink note pad and a scented pen.

Step three: lay everything out before gluing it all together!

Step four: something special! I added a picture of us from in the past and now.

Thank you for reading!!

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DIY Rustic Frame 

I’ve been looking for decor for the basement and saw some ideas on Pintrest. My mom was cleaning out her office and was throwing away this black frame with a tree picture. I started painting it white and then added a touch of grey paint. Once it dried I sanded the wood so the grey wasn’t as dark. 

For the H, that is the first letter in our last name. I used a gold paint pen, which drys super quick! 

The flower paper were hot glued onto the back and was bought at the dollar store. 

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DIY Seashell Ring Holder

Looking for something to keep your rings in? this seashell ring holder is perfect for on the counter in your bathroom or a seashell theme party.

Materials Needed:
Fake seashells – size is up to you
Super glue
Paint – Any color, can use spray paint as well

I was looking thru Etsy and almost bought a seashell ring holder, but thought I could probably just make this myself…not many materials needed just the paint drying takes time. I first painted the seashells and once dry just used the super glue and FINSIHED!


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